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AOCHEN Display is a professional acrylic box manufacturer. As an acrylic sheet box manufacturer, we can produce acrylic makeup organizers, acrylic display boxes, acrylic tanks, acrylic cabinets, clear acrylic display boxes, and more.

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The acrylic box is made from the finest and most durable acrylic materials. It has an excellent break-resistant and enduring construction that last longer. Every acrylic box comes with different types and box designs. Moreover, the acrylic box is used in almost all shops due to its outstanding stiffness, strength, and optical clarity, making it perfect for displaying products and valuable ornaments. 

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The acrylic box is made from the finest and most durable acrylic materials. It has an excellent break-resistant and enduring construction that last longer. Every acrylic box comes with different types and box designs. Moreover, the acrylic box is used for almost all shops due to its outstanding stiffness, strength, and optical clarity, making it perfect for displaying products and valuable ornaments.

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What is Acrylic Box?

It refers to a type of a frameless container that is made of Lucite or plexiglass commonly used in a wide range of stores for showcasing a variety of art pieces.

In some instances, you’ll hear other people referring to it as a Lucite box or plexiglass box.

It is generally fastidiously designed, welded, chamfered and polished to reflect decades of fine craftsmanship.

The acrylic box also comes in different sizes depending on several factors such as the products it should house as well as the location among many more.

The designs are also different from simple to complex, depending on the user’s preference and requirements.

What are Acrylic Boxes used for?

Acrylic boxes have been in existence for a comparatively long time used for different applications.

However, in the recent past, the use of these products has become popular in various industries for a wide range of purposes.

Some of the most common and popular uses for this item include the following;

1. Storing Food Items

In many food stores, you’ll notice that food items are kept in some form of boxes.

In most cases, such store owners prefer acrylic boxes for obvious reasons.

One of the most significant aspects is that acrylic material is BPA-free.

It thus means that it does not have any slight potential toxic elements which leach out from a variety of plastics.

What this merely implies is that acrylic boxes are suitable for storing food items in a relatively hygienic and safer way.

Using these items to store pre-packaged foods, especially on the counter of a restaurant, is a suitable approach for restaurants and food stores to move fresh food that needs to go out before they get thrown out.

Acrylic boxes can also be used as a simple bin, especially in a busy store that deals with various products.

This is used as a tool for low-key impulse buys for souvenir items such as pencil erasers, among others.

The most important feature here is that such a bin is merely simple but versatile to hold any object that will fit.

This is vital since it makes it possible for you to maximize the use of your counter space.

Additionally, the fact that the acrylic box is transparent allows the customers to have a clear view of the contents without any problem.

2. Customer Information and Suggestion Bin

It is also in different establishments, especially in commercial settings, as a tool for customers to provide their information, suggestions, and feedback.

At times, or in most cases, it would be reasonably difficult to build a list of customers.

However, you can encourage them to provide such information by placing the box on the front and providing a pen and paper pad to allow them to give their opinions and feedback regarding the service or products.

3. Storing gifts and Souvenirs

It is also widely used for storing a wide range of gifts for different occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and farewell parties, among others.

Many companies and business units also use it for packaging souvenirs that they give to their clients and partners.

4. Ballot Boxes

In most countries and organizations, one way of executing a free and transparent electoral system is by allowing the electorates to cast their ballot.

Therefore, you’ll find that in most cases, acrylic boxes are commonly used as ballot boxes in such processes, mainly because they are clear and secure.

So it makes it difficult for any electoral malpractice to arise since all agents involved will be able to see and ensure that unwanted materials do not get into the box.

5. POS Display Stand

One way of enhancing sales in stores is by using attractive features that appeal to the customer’s eyes.

To attain this, you simply need to use an acrylic box which apparently, can be instrumental for holding items for small impulse buys.

You can as well upend the box and place it with the open side down then use it to display a single product on a raised surface.

Alternatively, you can as well differently sized acrylic boxes to design a multi-tiered effect that showcases numerous items.

6. Organizing POS

If you have several acrylic boxes in your store, you can as well decide and use some for keeping the entire establishment neat and tidy.

This is by simply storing the items that are not necessarily needed on front shelves as well as other things that can make the store look untidy when scattered.

Keeping your store organized is also an ideal way of attracting new customers and also retaining the existing ones.

Are Acrylic Boxes Scratch Resistant?

Naturally, acrylic boxes tend to be comparatively more susceptible to scratches than other materials such as glass.

It is because it has a softer surface.

However, you can always go for acrylic boxes made of a material that is coated with an anti-scratch coating.

Also, the ideal way of preventing this container from scratches is ensuring that you handle it with care all the time.

Additionally, when cleaning, you also need to make sure that you use a non-abrasive piece of cloth as well as specialty cleaning agents.

What are the Advantages of Acrylic Boxes for Display?

This material is naturally transparent, which makes it essential as far as creating a perfect view for items is concerned.

This is critical because it also detracts less from the shoppers, given that it clear all over.

The other advantage is that acrylic boxes are also lightweight.

The essence of this is that it makes it possible to move around displays relatively easier within the premises as well as outside.

Acrylic boxes are also lightweight.

This feature makes it useful for a wide range of display stands since you go for different designs and shapes that suit your requirements.

Additionally, flexibility also makes it comparatively easy to duplicate pieces.

This comes in handy, particularly if you have several stores and you need standardized displays.

Acrylic boxes are strong.

This is advantageous since it implies that it can support a bit of weight; hence you can use it to hold an object that has a bit of weight, whether heavy, small, or big.

Another advantage is that acrylic boxes tend to have longevity.

It means that it can withstand physical impact, which is vital, especially in open spaces where such boxes are often exposed to such elements.

Are there Disadvantages of Acrylic Boxes?


One main downside of acrylic boxes is that the material is not ideal as resistant to scratch as you would expect.

In fact, it scratches quite easier than glass.

This, therefore, could result in deterioration of the appearance of the boxes since scratches would compromise the visual appeal, especially if the marks are several on the surface.

The other disadvantage is that acrylic boxes would, at times, turn yellow as the material ages.

This is mainly when you use it in areas exposed to UV rays as well as in vicinities that are under full-spectrum lights.

The effect of this is that it compromises the quality of transparency of the acrylic boxes.

What’s more is that acrylic boxes have a reasonably dissolvable obstruction, and their adaptable evaluations are not necessarily accessible.

In some conditions, such boxes can be susceptible to pressure and have low ceaseless administration temperatures.

How does Acrylic Box compare to Polycarbonate Box?

Both acrylic and polycarbonate boxes are durable as well as resistant to weather.

They tend to expand and contract and depending on changes in temperature but at the same time, do not display long term shrinkage.

The acrylic box is also more likely to chip since it is comparatively less impact resistant.

In regards to transparency, acrylic boxes tend to have a more light transmittance of about 92% compared to polycarbonate box, which has a light transmittance of about 88%.

It additionally implies that it would be easier to polish the acrylic box and retain its clarity that it would be for a polycarbonate box.

In terms of strength, both boxes are sturdy but polycarbonate is slightly stronger than an acrylic box.

Polycarbonate box is approximately 25 times stronger than acrylic box.

Of course, the acrylic box is also sturdy and can withstand reasonable impact without necessarily breaking.

This, however, does not imply that the acrylic box is indestructible.

When it comes to scratch resistance, acrylic boxes offer higher scratch resistance than polycarbonate box.

Acrylic is naturally a harder material compared to polycarbonate material hence making the latter more susceptible to scratches than the former.

Polycarbonate boxes are also lighter than acrylic boxes.

And in terms of cost, acrylic boxes tend to be comparatively cheaper than polycarbonate boxes.

A polycarbonate box would cost about 35% more than an acrylic box.

Is Acrylic Box Breakable?

Yes, it is! It happens that the acrylic box is sturdy and can take some substantial impacts without essentially breaking.

This, however, is not an indication that the box is not breakable.

In most instances, you’ll find that the acrylic box is not laminated or tempered.

This, therefore, makes it breakable even though not necessarily in a more natural way.

What is the difference between Clear Acrylic Box and Tinted Acrylic Box?

A clear acrylic box is a high optical product with exceptional durability and strength, which delivers extraordinary cost savings without compromising the structural integrity of your application.

It is made of transparent acrylic material, which is necessarily ideal for a wide range of applications such as

POP displays, glazing, and store fixtures, among others.

One outstanding feature of this type of acrylic box is that it offers immense clarity hence making it easier for clients to view the contents of the box.

On the other hand, a tinted acrylic box refers to a reasonably optical product, of course, with exceptional strength and durability as well.

It is covered using a chemically treated film coating of tint, which is critical as far as protection of valuable objects from fading is concerned.

An excellent feature of this type of acrylic box is that it offers unbeatable protection against the sun and UV rays.

Which Types of Acrylic Boxes are there?

They are quite a number, and some of the most notable ones especially from WeProFab include the following;

1. Acrylic display box

2. Acrylic shoe box

3. Acrylic makeup organizer

4. Acrylic toy box

5. Acrylic gift box

6. Acrylic jewelry box

7. Acrylic booster box

8. Acrylic storage box

How are Acrylic Boxes for Display made?

Ideally, acrylic boxes offer a great way of displaying items in a modern way since such objects appear appealing to the eyes.

However, when it comes to manufacturing these boxes, you also need to understand that it’s a simple DIY process.

All you need to have are the essential tools and materials for the same.

Here’s a step by step DIY process that you can to manufacture such boxes;

1. Cutting the Acrylic Sheet into Pieces

Depending on the size and shape of the acrylic box that you intend to create, you need to cut the sheets accordingly.

Here you can use metal cutting saw to cut the sheet for the bottom, top, and sides of the box.

It is always advisable to make the pieces as long as you would prefer the width to be.

The length of the sides is dependent on how tall you’d want your box to be.

Once you cut the sheet into pieces, you can now sand the edges using sand paper.

2. Join the Bottom, Top and Side Pieces

Start by laying the top of piece on a comparatively flat work surface.

Place one of the side pieces to be perpendicular to the left edge.

Use acrylic adhesive to join the two pieces.

Then use strips of tape which span both pieces to hold them as the adhesive dries.

Place the other side piece again into a perpendicular position, this time on the right edge of the top piece.

Again, use acrylic glue to join the pieces and use tape to secure them.

Now place your bottom piece perpendicular to the open edges of the side pieces and then glue and secure with tape.

3. Secure the Pieces

Now use tape to secure all the joined pieces.

This is vital since it allows the glue or adhesive to dry.

While at it, also ensure that you maintain the edges of the box to perpendicular angles as the glue dries.

4. Attach the Back Piece

At this stage, you only need to apply glue around the edges that are exposed.

You then need to line up the back piece and then press it into the adhesive.

It is vital also to ensure that all you align the edges and preventing any possible overlap.

You’ll then allow the glue to dry.

5. Finish the Process

Now you can position the acrylic box.

If you want to include other features on the box, you can do so at this stage.

For instance, if you’d prefer to put bulbs for lighting, you can go ahead and do it.

Is Acrylic Box Flammable?


It is highly flammable, which apparently makes it unsuitable when it comes from a safety perspective.

The acrylic material used for making this box is rated in class B2, which is quite flammable.

Will Acrylic Box Display Yellow on Sun?

The truth is that there are different grades of acrylic sheets, which are used for manufacturing acrylic boxes.

As you can tell, acrylic material comes from completely an inert natural gas, especially when in solid state.

Of course, ultraviolet radiation causes a disastrous effect on plastics.

However, the American made acrylic material never yellows in the sun irrespective of how long it’s exposed to sunlight.

But some types of acrylic materials would yellow in the sun but might take several years.

Can you Include Decorative Features on Acrylic Box?


In fact, acrylic material is one of the most suitable types of plastic that you can easily decorate.

So you can include decorative features on acrylic boxes as long as such features do not compromise the clarity of the container.

How much does Acrylic Box Cost?

There is no standard cost for an acrylic box.

The price is dependent on a wide range of factors such as size, design, manufacturer, and the type of actual acrylic material that is used for making the box, among others.

Also, the level of customization that you’d desire your acrylic display case to have is another factor that determines the cost.

For that reason, you’ll find that the price for a particular type of an acrylic box would range from one store to another since several elements determine the cost.

How does AOCHEN Display support OEM Acrylic Box Business?

AOCHEN supports OEM acrylic box business by ensuring that they buy original equipment and tools which help in enhancing the production of high-quality acrylic boxes.

It also makes sure that all its acrylic boxes and related products have binding warranties.

It thus implies that should a client receive any acrylic box from AOCHEN that has defects, the company shall replace it.

AOCHEN additionally supports OEM by purchasing machines from OEM, which guarantees like to like replacement.

This is clearly an indication of enhanced performance with little or no dilapidation.

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Can you Print on Acrylic Box?


In fact, this is one of the suitable ways of adding visual interest to your acrylic box.

It is even easier to print photographic imagery onto your Lucite box at home.

The process is easier, and all you need to do is select a particular image or print it on your acrylic box.

If you have a laser printer, the better.

The printing on the acrylic box is a chemical process.

Therefore, it would be vital always to ensure that you have enough ventilation, especially when working with blender pens.

Moreover, you also need to be an expert in this to reduce the chances of destroying the appearance of the acrylic box.

Are there Limitations on Acrylic Box Sizes?

Not necessarily.

The fact that acrylic boxes can be fabricated easily makes it suitable for you to form any size of acrylic box.

You can assemble big boxes as possible and, at the same time, form as small acrylic boxes as possible.

And that is the reason you’ll find many users going for customized acrylic display cases.

It means that they can get any size they’d wish to and one that suits their specific requirements.

In other words, you have flexibility when it comes to creating the size of the acrylic box that your particular needs and requirements.

How do you Verify Quality of Acrylic Box?

Well, there are specific tests that are often used to determine the quality of acrylic box.

Such tests are essential and help in enabling you to select a high-quality acrylic box.

The tests are based on their properties under different conditions.

Some of these tests include wet and dry acrylic box behavior.

Then another test revolves around determining the stress level of acrylic box both in a dry and wet environment.

Moreover, there is also temperature tolerance as well as Freon compatibility of this type of box.

What you ought to know, however, is that most, if not all, of these tests are done in laboratories by experts such as AOCHEN Display.

But some industrial standards define the quality of the acrylic boxes that are in the market.

Some of these standards, such as ASTM, are instrumental in specifying, testing, as well as evaluating the physical and chemical properties of acrylic boxes.

The essence of such tests and standards allows the manufacturer and end-user to determine and verify the best quality of acrylic boxes.

Why use Laser Cutter in Acrylic Display Box Fabrication?

As I did mention earlier on, one advantage of using acrylic material for making boxes is that it is convenient to fabricate.

Using a laser cutter is an ideal fabrication method of the acrylic display box since it offers a wide range of advantages.

One of the reasons is that laser cutter provides high accuracy and precision.

Well, as you already know, the edges of acrylic material are often rough.

Therefore, using a laser cutter is a particular way of guaranteeing excellent performance since it cuts corners surfaces clean and provides smoother finishes.

The other reason laser cutter is a preferred fabrication technique for acrylic boxes is that laser cutter is within the confines of strictly defined areas.

It thus implies that there is no need for additional heat, which makes it ideal for cutting narrower sections of the material.

It also means that the areas affected by the heat are comparatively small.

For that reason, the acrylic box you are laser cutting is less impacted by distortion or warping.

The laser cutter is ideal for acrylic display boxes since it can cut any thickness, and you can as well manipulate it to provide any needed shape or design.

Fabricating an acrylic box is also a fast technique that you can as well repeat it with equally high levels of precision.

Moreover, this technique also adapts well to the changing demands in the manufacturing sector in regard to market demands and production volume.

What is the best Adhesive for Acrylic Display Box Bonding?

First of all, the best adhesive for acrylic display box bonding is dependent on numerous factors such as the type of acrylic materials and depth of engraving, if any.

One of the best ones in the market is often referred to as acrylic cement.

In most instances, you’ll hear people referring to it as acrylic glue.

But in a real sense, this adhesive does not really function as a glue.

Apparently, it is a solvent which welds, or fuses the acrylic pieces.

If you want to attain the best results from this type of adhesive, you need to ensure that there is no space between the parts you are joining.

Additionally, a safety measure when using this type of adhesive requires that you adhere to the protective concerns as described in the labeling.

It is important since this product is a chemical solvent.

What are the Components of Acrylic Box?

1. Door – this is the component that gives you access to the box.

It enables you to put or remove a particular object inside the display box.

2. Hinges – It refers to a mechanical bearing that allows the door to pivot on one edge as you open or close the acrylic display box.

3. Lock- It is the component that is used in securing the display case.

It plays two major roles; one is that it helps in preventing unwanted access to the object inside the case.

Secondly, it prevents the door from opening and the object from falling from the box in case of physical or accidental impact.

4. Shelves – These are usually common in relatively large acrylic display boxes.

They are used to subdivide the case so that it can accommodate a wide range of different objects.

5. Door handles – they are attached on the door surface and commonly used for pulling and pushing the door whenever you want to open or close it, respectively. 

How do you Assemble Acrylic Box for Display?

First of all, you need to determine what item you exactly want to fit inside the acrylic box before you start assembling.

It is what determines the size of the actual size of the acrylic box you require.

And as a rule, you need to think of this particular display box in three dimensions; hence you need to have four identical sides.

The top and the bottoms sides also need to be equal to the height and width of the entire display case.

While at it, you also need to ensure that you wear safety gear.

You’ll always have to cut this material when displaying; hence the small pieces can spin off into your eyes.

Once you cut all the pieces into size, place each one of the ends on work area and apply adhesive to join them and tape to secure.

Repeat this with all the other pieces until you have a display case without the back.

Wipe off any excess acrylic glue that could be inside the box.

Along the seams, apply silicone caulk and then allow the glue to cure for at least a day.

Now put the remaining side on top of the box to cover the opening.

Choose where to place the hinges then fix them on the remaining side.

The moment to fix the door of the case, you can choose to stand it on orientation that you prefer.

Acrylic Box should conform to which Quality Standards?

ISO 9001: This refers to an international standard that outlines the requirements for a specific quality management system.

As a leading Acrylic display box manufacturer, WeProFab ensures that its products adhere to this standard, which conforms to this standard by ensuring that the products meet the regulatory requirements.

RoHS: It is an abbreviation for Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive.

It originated in the European Union, and it tends to restrict the usage of particular hazardous materials with the essence of reducing environmental effects and health impacts in electronic components.

REACH: It refers to Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals.

This quality standard primarily tends to address the production and usage of chemical components as well as the potential impact they pose on humans and the environment.

UL: This is another quality standard that the acrylic display box also has to conform with.

Basically, it stands for Underwriters Laboratory.

This organization sets specific standards for different categories of products as a way of ensuring that they meet the requirements.

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